Title Company Information


Through its management company, the Buffalo Run Mesa Homeowners' Association, Inc (HOA) provides status letters to title companies. The purpose of the status letter is to provide buyers and sellers of homes within the Buffalo Mesa subdivision with various HOA-specific information including (1) whether there are outstanding covenant violations and/or fines attached to the lot, (2) whether any outstanding litigation exists against the HOA and (3) the amount and nature of any fees, fines or reimbursement assessments payable to the HOA. All status letter requests should be submitted online through www.homewisedocs.com

Transfer Fee

The HOA Board does not reimburse its management company for fees and other costs incurred by the management company related to ownership changes of Lots within the Buffalo Mesa subdivision. Consequently, the HOA Board has authorized its management company to charge a transfer fee directly to all new home buyers within the Buffalo Mesa subdivision.

The purpose of the transfer fee is to cover the time and one-time costs incurred by the management company to setting up a new homeowner information file and account for the HOA and closing the former owner's files and accounts in accordance with the HOA's document retention policies. Please contact the HOA's management company for a current quote on the transfer fee. The transfer fee is payable directly to the HOA's management company.