The following is a brief history of the Buffalo Mesa neighborhood:
July 2001 The boundaries of the Buffalo Run Mesa subdivision is approved by Commerce City and the planned unit development (PUD) map is filed with the County Clerk & Recorder's Office.
May 2002 Adams County District Court approves the creation of the Buffalo Run Mesa Metropolitan District. The District was formed to finance the cost of installing public infrastructure within the Buffalo Mesa subdivision. Such infrastructure included streets, sidewalks, perimeter fencing, parks and open spaces, community swimming pool, street lights, mail boxes and water taps.
February 2003 The Buffalo Mesa subdivision is platted and divided into 468 single family home lots.
August 2004 KDB Homes, Inc and DR Horton begins purchasing lots from the developer/land owner and building homes.
August 2006 KDB Homes and DR Horton build and sell the last of 430 lots in the
March 2005 Richmond American Homes buys 38 lots from DR Horton
April 2009 Richmond American Homes builds and sells the last of its 38 lots.
June 2012 King Soopers opens its doors for business (located at the intersection of 104th Avenue and Chambers Road)
March 2016 Three homeowners run for election and win three seats on the District's board.  This is the first time the District's board is controlled by Buffalo Mesa homeowners.

General Neighborhood Statistics

Single-Family Homes
High Low Average
Lot size 0.32 acres 0.11 acres 0.16 acres
Living space (Note A) 3,085 sqft 1,142 sqft 1,959 sqft
Garage size 905 sqft 400 sqft 538 sqft
Basement size 2,149sqft 240 sqft 904 sqft
Bedrooms 6 rooms 2 rooms 3.2 rooms
Bathrooms 4.0 bathrooms 1.0 bathrooms 2.4 bathrooms
Other Data
# of homes with no basements 80

Note A -- Living space data excludes the garage and basement.